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Fly to the wilderness... fish for world class muskie, small mouth bass, northern pike, walleye and lake trout.

Experience the beauty Canada offers while enjoying an amazing shore lunch. Enjoy the serenity viewing sunsets from your private deck, it will truly be a vacation you'll never forget...


Set amongst tall red pines, surroundedby deep green forests and set on the shore of a picturesque bay that commands access to 32,000 acres of crystalline fishing waters. Green Island Lodge, located in the Upper Manitou 65 air miles from Fort Frances, Ontario / International Falls, Minnesota brings you all the comforts and conveniences of complete American Plan accommodations.


The deep, cold, crystal Manitou promises some really exciting fishing for small mouth bass,lake trout, northern, and world class muskie ...

The Manitou has rugged granite shorelines with numerous bays and islands afford ideal fishing in fair or foul weather, windy or calm.We carefully plan fishing & hunting packagesto include everything you need or want.All you need to bring is your personal gearand tackle.Green Island Lodge invites you to come catch the magic and discover the Manitou legends.

 Come as a stranger... Leave as a member of our Green Island Family!


 Green Island

Family Photos 

News from Upper Manitou Lake, Ontario,


Ross and one of his six muskie caught and released on his annual fishing trip to Green Island Lodge.... check out the muskie pins on his shirt.... one for each muskie caught during the trip. FUN and unique way to brag ;) 

Green Island Lodge, Ross, and a huge muskie!     



As promised, here is a picture of the fish I caught with my homemade lure on August 2, 2012. Forty pounds, 49” of pure power! What a thrill!

Thanks to Ron Wallos who organized the trip and snapped the shots, and to Warren,  the guide-supreme who put us on the spot. Thanks also of course to Shelli and Howard, out terrific hosts, and to Kurt and the entire Greens Island Lodge crew for their thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Sue and Warren are real pros, and do their jobs way “above and beyond”, and do so with great sense of humour. You really are treated like family – oh wait, maybe better – at Green Island.

Many Thanks!

Tark Milans


Thanks for everything. Tyle was ecstatic and so was I. Ray was great---he developed a great relationship with an 11 yr. old.     Louie DiDonato 




Check out the bass! I think the new Rusty Myers t-shirt gave him some luck catching this prize catch. Come catch the Magic of the Manitou!!!! 







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